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  1. Review by Mandy D. on Yelp:

    “So this has always been my number 1 nail salon of all time. I got my first full set white tips done here when I was like 16 and my first pedicure when I was like 12. My stepmother has always gone here along with my two evil step sisters (jk), who are all very picky. My stepmom told the nail lady, that I was more picky then my stepsisters when It comes for my nails. This is now bad for me because, since I’ve always have had the best, when I go somewhere else, I get let down. I have brought my real mother here too and she likes the ladies too. I brought my ex bf here one time and the ladies gave him a pedicure and even came as close as painting his toes (that was a funny day). But 3 days later, my dad called me to tell me that my stepmom went there and the ladies told her all about me and my boy (they can remember you really fast).

    So anyways, I didnt go there for like 1 yr (i refused to get a fell set white tips because they f your nails up so bad when they come off) and I finally went down there and of course they remebered me and how damn pick I am with my nails.They even rememberd that I LOVE this green oil they use on the pedicure that has this werid cooling feeling. They dont use it on you if its cold outside, but I told them they could use it on me anytime cuz its soo cool (haha).

    Anyways, this place is great , you so totally come try it out. They are right next door to the pretty kitty (unless PK has moved) so you can get waxed and polshed all in one trip. Parking is a pain in the ass, but I like to parki in that shopping mall down the street.

    Worth stopping in if you are down in pb!”

  2. Review by Becca M. on Yelp:

    “I love this place. Cheap, clean and best of all fantastic customer service… Not too mention a local business! I am a huge fan in small local businesses! I will not go anywhere else!”

  3. Review by Kimmy C. on Yelp:

    “it’s a cute little hole in the wall viet nail salon. very modest but close to pretty kitty. i had an hour to kill till my appointment at pretty kitty so i decided to come in.

    only two ladies manning this place so i had a little wait. the lady in charge (the younger one) was nice enough to acknowledge me and let me know how much longer it would take. i appreciated it.

    i had the older one do my nails. overall~ i think she was very thorough and did a good job. she was detailed and neat. she did cut the cuticles down too much on two fingers so that they did start bleeding a little but she put on the solution for “skin” right away. i can’t blame her completely for the cuticles bleeding – i have pretty difficult hands to work with and never really go to nail salons.

    overall i left really happy.

    maybe it’s because of the fake skin solution but the paint did come off on a few of fingers within 48 hrs. i can’t blame her – i don’t do nails usually and it’s not unusual for me to mess them up.

    it’s a cute place, decent prices, and i liked the older lady who did my nails.”

  4. Review by Nitsa J. on Yelp:

    “I love love love Princess Nail Salon.

    I’ve been coming here for years and I love it. All the women that work here are so sweet and take pride in what they do. They are all so attentive and care about their loyal customers.

    **The women that work here seriously take the time to know their customers and I swear they remember everything I tell them, they are like family!”

  5. Review by jen h. on Yelp:

    “Love it here! The service is excellent. The staff always remember who you are. Even if you need a last minute pedi right before they close, they always fit you in. The staff is very friendly and go beyond what is expected to keep you happy!”

  6. Review by Erika O. on Yelp:

    “I love this place. This is the only place I will to go out here. The ladies that run this place are always super friendly and always do an amazing job. They always remember me and treat me very well. They use this really nice, minty lotion on your legs and it feels so good when they are done. When I get home and really get to look at my feet they always look perfect. I accidentally smudged my big toe when I got into my car and I went back in and they fixed it for free and were gracious about it even though it was my fault. I can’t believe anyone would give these sweet ladies a bad review.”

  7. Review by Joy H. on Yelp:

    “I have been going to this place since my daughter was a baby. 14 years later we both love our days with the ladies at Princess Salon. I don’t like polish on my fingernails so they do a fabulous manicure that polishes the nails to a shine.”

  8. Review by Whitney W. on Yelp:

    “This place does a seriously fantastic mani-pedi and it soo inexpensive. I only stopped going because it was just too far out of my way to get to but I still highly recommend them. I’ve taken both friends and family here. The place near my house is considerably more. The only con to them is that they don’t use a top coat that’s as good as my current place and my hands chip super easily, but you could always just bring your own. They do a really good foot massage too. Such sweet sweet ladies! I still feel guilty for not continuing to go there because they are so nice and so good.”

  9. Review by Dan F. on Yelp:

    “I have been to this nail shop with my wife twice in my life. I have never like to come to a nail salon because I thought this is a “woman thing”. I was hooked. This place is clean, service is GREAT!!!! And, to me, more importantly, the price is very affordable. I will not hesitate to come again with my wife to get my nail cleaned. It’s a wonderful to get my nails taken care of once in a while, even for a guy!! :-)”

  10. Review by Allison T. on Yelp:

    “This nail salon in Pacific Beach is amazing! The owner is super friendly and speaks english which is nice! I usually make an appointment since I go on the weekends when she is usually pretty busy. They are very reasonably priced and I really like how she does them super short and squared. They last a long time too and rarely break! I have been getting my nails done for a long time and am extremely happy to have found this cute quaint place!”

  11. Review by Jillian L. on Yelp:

    “Quiet and friendly salon! She gave me a 10 min foot massage with a regular pedicure! Very relaxing. Nice to go to a place where all the nail techs aren’t loudly jabbering at eachother in a foreign language.”

  12. Review by Rachel D. on Yelp:

    “LOVE this place. Great service and great pedicure. Two weeks later and it still looks great!”

  13. Review by Leah C. on Yelp:

    “This is not just a nail salon, it’s where I go for therapy! Lol. The owner is just such a fun, happy person to have your nails done by. She has really good advice and I always leave, feeling refreshed and happy and definitely like I have ‘Princess Nails’

    I would recommend to locals in the area. It’s not over-priced either. Great Gel Manicures :-) And, they have a nice warm lavender lotion for their pedicures.”

  14. Review by Kaitlin J. on Yelp:

    “She wasn’t kidding, the mani lasted 2 weeks. Very nice and good price. $25
    They were up for my “challenge” as she said. I got black tips.”

  15. Review by J L K. on Yelp:

    “This nail salon opened in 1984 and I have been a client ever since, even through a change of ownership several years ago. They have many long-time customers. It is fun to ask about different ones when I don’t have an opportunity to run into them often. I get fills on my acrylic nails and pedicures in the spa chair on a regular basis. My lady is always so happy and laughs a lot. We have a good rapport and she does a great job. Being very picky about the shape and appearance of my nails, I am never disappointed. My French fills with uv treated gel overlay last for a month or more as do the fantastic pedicures. My lady also gives the best foot and leg massage in town, with a wonderful warm lavender lotion & towel wrap. The prices are good as well. I happily recommend this little nail salon in Pacific beach, where you leave feeling refreshed with happy hands and feet.”

  16. Review by Celeste A. on Yelp:

    “this is by far the best nail place i have been to! they did all this for 25 dollars. they are so sweet! everyone has to try it out, when they do your nails you can tell that they put a lot of effort into them”

  17. Review by Susan E. on Yelp:

    “I have been going to Princess since 1999 so that should say it all. I used to do tips but now just acrylic over my own nails and can go 4 weeks before a fill, they are just good.”

  18. Review by Alisha W. on Yelp:

    “The ladies in this salon are so sweet! It was my first time in tonight and they took me in as a walk-in after they were closing! Both ladies worked as a team to do my pedicure and shellac manicure. The pedicure massage chair was comfy and the foot massage was excellent. Both ladies went out of their way to make sure that I was enjoying myself the entire time! it was 25$ for my gel manicure, and 17$ for my pedicure! I’m happy and will go back!”

  19. Review by Chandra M. on Yelp:

    “These ladies were great! Customer service is just amazing. My sister and I wanted to spend a day of my vacation (I’m originally from Kansas) just being pampered, but we didn’t want to spend too much money. I looked up other reviews from fellow yelpers and decided to give this place a try.

    As soon as we walked in we were greeted warmly and we told them what we wanted and off they went. The salon was empty so we almost got like VIP service. We went for the deluxe manicure and pedicures, and after we decided to try facials. My toes still look great a week later! Although my shellac did peel, but I am a waitress, and use my hands a lot so I have a hard time keeping shellac looking nice anyways!
    Princess Nail Salon was definitely a great find, and my sister who lives in the area now has a new favorite salon to go to!”

  20. Review by Selene E. on Yelp:

    “First time coming in and I loved this place! I think I may have found my new place for getting my nails done :) the ladies were extremely friendly and clean. They took me in as a walk in and I loved the massage chair and the whole experience in General was amazing. Will definitely be coming back here more often.”

  21. Review by Trang N. on Yelp:

    “My coworker and I made an appointment to come around 4pm on a Wednesday afternoon. It’s about 4 businesses away from our office so we wanted to check it out.

    I got a mani + pedi for $28. The ladies who work there are really sweet and talkative. There is a bit of upsale involved (“Do you want spa pedicure? Do you want french manicure? Do you want design?”) but they are not the least bit pushy or offended if you say no.

    I left happy. For the price and service, I would recommend to others and come back another time!”

  22. Review by Devon C. on Yelp:

    “It only took me driving & running past this place multiple times a day for YEARS before I finally made my way in for a pedicure. The staff was amazing & friendly & the service was excellent.

    My only complaint would be their lack of (meaning none lol) bright, crazy & neon colors in their polish selection (the women marveled over my pinkish neon polish I brought in to have them use). I typically bring my own bcuz I’m crazy & have bottles on bottles on bottles of every color imaginable & as far as I’m concerned, the brighter the better but that still didn’t take away from the awesome experience.

    I’ll definitely be back! ;0)”

  23. Review by Morgan B. on Yelp:

    “Called them yesterday at 9:30 to see if they had openings available for 2 shellac manicures! They could fit me in ASAP which was so awesome! I love my shellac manicure and so does my friend! They helped us pick out such fun and cute colors! They were so nice,funny and talkative!!! The price is just right too. I will for sure be back and I will be bringing my friends too!”

  24. Review by Monica R. on Yelp:

    “I highly recommend Princess Nail Salon! Their service is great and outstanding! I have been using their salon for many years and each time I am pleased with the results!”

  25. Review by Pam G. on Yelp:

    “I have had my nails done here for years. My nails last between 3-4 weeks! The women working there are like family to me. They work very hard and want to please their customers!”

  26. Review by Ashley T. on Yelp:

    “I should have posted this review three weeks ago considering that was around the time I came in. Anyways, that Saturday afternoon, I wanted to get my nails and toes done considering it was a long and tedious morning. Not only that, I wanted to feel pampered. I first called in an hour earlier to make an appointment, and they readily had a time slot available for me. Cool. I wasn’t a big fan of getting to the nail salon though. The parking is inconvenient as you have to park alongside the street while cars are whizzing past you. Besides that, the ambiance of the salon is very relaxing. Nice soothing music with comfy chairs. Two ladies worked on me simultaneously, one for my pedicure and another for my manicure. They both were so adorable and talked to me a lot. And the manicure and pedicure was pretty cheap! $28 altogether. But once I got home, I realized a few things.
    a) The polish on both my toes and nails were even and smooth (no bubbles at all), but there were polish all over my nail cuticles. Easily said and done, I removed the nail polish off my cuticles while at home.
    b) The lady who filed my nails did a fantastic job, however the other who did my toes did not. My toes were not even; some of my toenails were slanted and too sharp in the corners.

    I don’t know if I’ll be back considering I live no where around the area. Some people have had amazing experiences and that’s great. Each experience will be different depending on that person.”

  27. Review by Eileen K. on Yelp:

    “Good place. Reasonably priced services and good attitudes from the manicurists. Id come again.”

  28. Review by JDoll B. on Yelp:

    “I love this nail shop. The girls there are so nice and personable. This is my first time here and I will say I was very impressed. I had a spa mani and pedi. My polish was perfect, the massage was fabulous. A girl named Mi did my feet and another gal did my hands, both were amazing. I will definitely be coming back to pamper myself! Oh yeah I must not forget to tell you they have great prices. Its like $25 for a mani and pedi but u walk out looking like you at least paid double!”

  29. Review by Stephanie M. on Yelp:

    “Mai is the sweetest lady oi, she made my heart very warm. She was super sweet and wasn’t over bearing either, which I appreciated. She’s a Leo, maybe that’s why haha, really felt welcomed and taken care of. Mai was very thorough and precise with my nails while still managing to be quick. It was her first time doing coffin nails & she did a great job! Originally didn’t want to wax my eyebrows but I was so in love with Mai I couldn’t say no! Hahah (Seriously this woman is THAT cute)
    Katy did my eyebrows and also did a wonderful job! Took direction well and was also very sweet:) very happy with the outcome. Planning on returning for a fill , probs found my ladies.”

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